What Is Pluto TV?

Pluto TV is Free Live TV App. Hundreds of TV Channels from various Genres is available. Enjoy all of those in free of cost.

No Account

All you have to do is buy your popcorn, sit, relax and enjoy our free live TV. You don't have to register when using Pluto App.

Multi Platform

Pluto TV available for Windows, Android, Smart TV, OTT Devices, Amazon Fire TV (Firestick), Roku, Chromecast, iOS, and More

On Demand Content

Watch whatever you want, just search and pick what you want to watch.

Absolutely Free

Want to cut your cable off? Try Pluto TV. You wouldn't be charged for any penny. No Credit Card or Any Payments Needed.


Tons of movies title on a lot of movies channels. Put the light off.


Watch local and international news update. Never missed world story today.


World Poker Tour channel; Glory Kickboxing is here to satisfy the needs of bloodsport fans. Documentaries on athletes. Stadium, Sports News, Fight, and Impact! Wrestling.

Pluto TV Download

Choose your device, start downloading and enjoy Pluto TV Now.

I can't believe this is free. Really good movie selection. Ads are tolerable and quick movie picks up right where it left. Seriously, I wish I had found this months ago before getting hooked in to Amazon Prime and Netflix……. the money I could have saved! Okay gonna watch Close Encounters of a 3rd Kind now (#1 favorite movie).
Anna S
Most channels stream at a high quality. - Perfect for cord cutters looking to round out their other streaming services. It's awesome on my Roku TV!
Stephen M
It really makes me happy 😊 I have been looking for a free service like this That lets you play movies. You can even watch live TV. And listen to live music. I hope that this guy keeps his end of the deal and keeps this thing going Right It is a really beneficial app
Micky M
Web Dev