Pluto TV Activate – How to Activate Pluto on OTT Devices

Pluto TV Activate is the most problem for the first time Pluto user. Pluto is a free application, but to get more services you must register an account. You will not be billed when creating Pluto account. All you need is Facebook or Email Account. There is no credit card or other payment needed.


Pluto TV Activate

Pluto TV activation is needed when you open Pluto TV for Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Smart TV, Android-based TV Box, and any OTT Devices. After signing in / register there will appear code on your TV, this code will be used for activation. Here is step by step on how to activate Pluto TV.

  1. Make sure you have a Pluto TV Account. If you haven’t, register an account.
  2. Open Pluto App on your Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Smart TV, or TV Box.
  3. Firestick, press Activate on the left menu. Roku, go to channel 000. There will appear some code. Remember this code.
  4. Once you have Pluto Account, open web browser from a computer, laptop or android browser.
  5. Go to Pluto TV Activation Page by following the link.
  6. Enter your code.
  7. Finish.